Our Company

The direct line source for your staffing needs

Ben Franklin illustrated a good point when he discovered electricity. Send a kite up in the middle of turbulent clouds and sooner or later it’s bound to be struck by lightning.

Isn’t it great that we don’t have to go to such great lengths to turn on the lights today? One plug into one outlet and the flow of energy is complete.

In a sense, your search for quality job candidates is undergoing a similar evolution.

You can set out on your own staffing search. But, it’s a time consuming job to tackle, often wasting management energy that could be spent more effectively on other important company operations.

You can retain the services of a large, national recruiting service. But will they take the time to fully understand your needs? Or will you risk becoming lost in the crowd?


We’re here to offer a unique alternative

Why send a kite up hoping for lightning? We provide the luxury of personalized service combined with direct connections to the top professional and managerial job candidates… locally, nationally, even world-wide.

J. Gifford Inc. is committed to bringing you all the benefits and services found in any national recruiting and placement service. Yet, we’re equally committed to providing that caliber of service without layers of unnecessary associates.


An atmosphere charged with experience and contacts

Successful business people know it – who you know can make a world of difference. The Associates of J. Gifford Inc. have developed a vast network of connections bringing you the best possible prospects available in manufacturing, engineering, accounting, energy, finance, and the services industry. Plus, J. Gifford Inc. guarantees professional screening and confidentiality.

Each member of the J. Gifford Inc. firm is a highly-qualified professional with a proven track record in management-level recruiting and placement. Our active participation in NPAworldwide, the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association, and the Oklahoma City Area Human Resources Association, as well as various other trade association memberships, keeps us directly wired to the latest trends in your industry.


Our programs and flexibility make us perfect for all placement needs

It’s our goal to bring you the benefits of an in-house recruiter combined with the depth of a full-service agency. Our fee structure is based on your specifications, not ours. To that end, we have a variety of programs and services that make working with J. Gifford Inc. not only tailored and simple, but cost efficient as well.

  • Contingency fee services for certain professional level and meddle management positions.
  • Retainer or fixed-fee services for executive-level and other unique or highly-specialized positions.
  • Contract placement services through NPA Contract Services Inc.
  • Hourly rate and consulting assignment services.


Local service with an international scope

A significant key to our success lies in our direct connection to an extensive network of recruitment firms. J. Gifford Inc. is a member of NPAworldwide. To you, that means:

  • A human resource network – 400+ members strong – throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, equivalent to a “multi-list” service, to assist in the identification of prospects for your needs.
  • Additional affiliation with an established “contract services company,” NPA Contract Services Inc., that is backed by more than 20 years experience and 9000 employees across the nation to assist with your contract placement staffing.