Job Opportunities

Sr. Process Engineer - Chemical Production

$110K - $125K base

Tulsa OK - Will relocate nationwide USA.


  • BS degree in Chemical or Mechanical engineering.
  • Minimum seven (7) years of experience in a production, manufacturing or plant environment subject to the OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management (PSM) regulation
  • Demonstrated experience in providing leadership and technical guidance to team members

  • Primary responsibilities:

    Ensures the process is operated in a safe and environmentally compliant manner and endeavors to enhance and protect the safety of plant employees. Provides a good knowledge and understanding of the operating principles and procedures for various process equipment and the effects of process parameters on production. Identifies sources of plant issues and recommends solutions to maintain safe operations; Supports operations personnel in areas requiring technical assistance. Monitors key operating parameters to identify trends and recommend changes. Examples include turbine and compressor efficiencies, cooling water surveys, catalyst surveys, DCS trends, and laboratory results. Provides a working knowledge of the maintenance activities in order to determine what can be done while on-stream and what must be deferred to a shutdown period. Provides detailed engineering support to monitor and progress the Management of Change process. Assists in training operations personnel on process changes Coordination of all assigned Process Safety Management activities such as a) assisting in the development and organization of Process Safety Information, b) participating in Process Hazard Analyses and LOPA studies, c) participating in incident investigations, d) developing and maintaining Standard Operating Conditions and Limits, e) providing resolution to recommendations. Actively participates in turnaround and/or plant shutdown activities, including planning, implementation and verification stages.

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