Helpful Tips

In addition to the recruiting services offered by J. GIFFORD INC., we are also a perennial award-winning member of National Personnel Associates (NPA) - the World Wide Recruiting Network, an affiliation of carefully selected independent recruiting firms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

This affiliation, much like a multi-list function in the Real Estate industry, allows us to partner with other recruiters to provide you with job opportunities in whichever locations of the world you may wish to live and work. If you have indicated a willingness to relocate, you may want us to additionally assist you in your employment search by sharing your resume with several of our NPA affiliates who specialize in your job discipline. There is no charge to you for this service! It is yet another value-added feature of J. GIFFORD INC. which is available, if requested, to match your talents with a suitable job opportunity and preferred geographic location.

After reviewing your qualifications, should they have a job opportunity for you to consider, they will contact you directly stating that they received your resume from J. GIFFORD INC. You can expect the same confidential and professional service our firm offers you.